Anya ArcherSandy Island Camp Director

Anya’s family has a long history at Sandy Island. Her father was the director of the camp from 1947
-1950 (before she was born), and Anya has been a camper for most of her life. Anya and her husband,
Jack, joined the staff in 2008. Anya became assistant director in 2011, director in 2014. Anya attended
Dickinson College in PA, and graduate school at Ohio State University. She worked in elementary
education, a legislative assistant on Capital Hill, and as a professional crafter, managing craft shows. Anya
has volunteered extensively, holding various offices in local PTA and other organizations. She currently serves
on her Homeowner’s association board as treasurer.When Sandy Island celebrated its centennial, Anya Co-
Authored the second fifty years of history in The Sands of Time, Sandy Island’s history book. Anya and Jack
have one son, Ryan, who grew up attending Sandy Island. In the off season, Anya and Jack can be found at
their home in Florida, relaxing at the beach and dreaming of Sandy Island.

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