Thank you for choosing Sandy Island Family Camp for your family’s vacation!

Please click on the Step by step instructions on how to apply published below, and follow the steps to complete your application online.
The deadline for the deposit and application for returning campers is October 1st.  Cabin assignments will be sent out during the month of October for returning campers, and new campers will be sorted & assigned into available cabins starting in November.

If you are looking for a NEW cabin or are a new camper looking to communicate requests or needs with our registrar, we are asking that you also complete this online form describing your cabin needs.

If you are in a permanent cabin and you are staying in that cabin, you DO NOT need to complete this form.


1 July 2- July 9
2 July 9- July 16
3 July 16- July 23
4 July 23 – July 30
5 July 30- August 6
6 August 6 – August 13
7 August 13 – August 20
8 August 20 – August 27
9 August 27 – September 3
LDW September 3- September 5


Labor Day
Weekend (LDW)
Senior (62+) $850 $220
Adult (17+) $1000 $225
Junior (9-16) $825 $170
CAVE (6-8) $675 $135
Pre-school (3-5) $525 $100
Infant (1-2) $75 $0

Full deposit due to reserve your cabin for 2021

Adults 17 & Older $100 $50
Children 16 & under $50 $25
Children under 1 $0 $0


Sandy Island Family Camp is open to all families regardless of income, ability, race or religion. Through the YMCA’s ACCESS program families who cannot afford the full price of camp tuition may qualify for assistance (up to 40% based on income and family size). Please complete and mail (or scan) a CAMPERSHIP form, with the requested documentation, along with your registration. For more information please call our business office at 603-569-2725



The YMCA uses a true Point of Sale System and your Payment will be processed at the point of registration. We offer three payment plan options: Payment in Full, Monthly Payments, or Split Balance Payments on April 1st and June 1st.

Deposits are non-refundable after January 1st. After April 1st– 50% of tuition is non-refundable, After June 1st– 100% of tuition is non-refundable 


New Camper applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Registrations will occur based on receipt of application and availability in October.

October 1: Deadline for full deposit and application card for returning campers with first refusal. $100 per adult 17 & older, $50 per child under 17 (under 1 yrs. has no deposit)

January 10: Cabins with no deposit or application will be reassigned to New Campers.

January 1: All Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, can be used for an LOA within same year.

April 1: Half total tuition fee due. If you cancel and we are unable to fill your cabin you are required to pay this total amount.

June 1: Tuition fee balance due. If you cancel and we are unable to fill your cabin you are required to pay the cabin minimum.

  • Cabin fee must meet or exceed cabin minimum occupancy.

If payment is not received by dates above, you forfeit cabin assignment and all funds paid. If you cancel after a deadline date above, you lose all fees paid up to the date of cancellation (includes all extended payment plans).

Prepaid cards including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express cannot be used for the purchase of services at camp, e.g., Deposit, Tuition, Leave of Absence, Guest Fees, Camp Store/Craft Shop fees.

Leave of Absence (LOA) Policy

A Leave of Absence or LOA fee is available to hold your cabin for one year’s absence once every five years. Campers must contact the Camp Office to secure an LOA. Your deposit can be used towards your LOA fee if you contact the Camp Office prior to January 1.


(Please note that guest rates will apply towards your cabin minimum fee if registered two weeks before your camper week begins)

Guests and visitors are always welcome, if your accommodation permits and they are pre-registered 14 days in advance. Guests and fees are the responsibility of the camper host.

The following rates apply to an overnight stay and includes 3 meals:

Senior (62+) $131
Adult (17+) $146
Junior (9-16) $124
CAVE (6-8) $102
Pre-school (3-5) $81
Infant (1-2) $20

Day guests must be hosted by a camper family on the island. If your guests stay for longer than 6 hours, the rate is $65 per person, $30 for kids under 12. Additional overnight camper meals and day camper meals are $15 per meal, guests may register with our Camp registrar prior to arrival or when they arrive. All guests must check-in at the Sandy Island Office upon arrival.



For your convenience, our camp store has common toiletry goods for sale. In addition, the store sells a variety of snacks, drinks, clothing items and knick knacks. An account must be set up upon your arrival and payment must be made before you depart from camp. Our Craft Shop includes items for painting, jewelry designing, tie-dying, leather crafting, photography and woodworking. Project kits and individual pieces are available — alone or with instruction — for a modest fee.


A taxi is available upon request for trips that do not correspond with regular boat shuttles. Reservations must be made at the camp office.
Taxis are available between the hours of 6am and 10pm.  The fee for a taxi is $50 one way.  If a taxi is needed outside of operating hours , the fee is $100 one way.

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