YMCA Camping Service is a not-for-profit signature program for the YMCA of Greater Boston dedication to providing an affordable camping experience through which staff and campers can grow and develop in a supportive family-like community. For over 100 years we’ve worked hard to instill a sense of purpose, belonging, and trust in staff, campers, and families alike.

Today camp is still a place that believes our unique programs and location build strong connections between campers, staff, and families. We pride ourselves on the fact that so many kids and adults who come to Camp leave with life long memories.


There are so many opportunities to support Camp, whether financially, volunteering, or help out with our wish list. We hope you’ll embrace these opportunities to give back to Camp and support our mission.


Annual Scholarship Fund or Send Kids/Families to Camp

Each year the amazing Camp community of Sandy Island, North Woods, Pleasant Valley band together to support camp experiences for kids and families who could not afford them without our help.

A national research study by the American Camping Association found that campers, families, and staff grew significantly due to their camp experiences their largest areas of growth were:

  • Self esteem
  • Made friends
  • Independence
  • Leadership skills
  • Adventure & exploration
  • Environmental awareness

100% of your gift goes to help send families and kids to NW, PVC, & SI!!

For your gift of:

  • $605 allows a 6-7 year old to spend a week at Sandy Island
  • $1750 sends a camper to NW/PVC for two weeks
  • $1800 helps a young couple enjoy Sandy Island for the first time
  • $3400 allows a teenager to learn leadership skills in our month long Leadership Training Program

Thank you for helping us ensure that no one is denied the opportunity to take advantage of the life changing opportunities provided by Camping Services.

NW/PVC Camp Renovation & Sustainability Fund

What do you see when you close your eyes and think about Camp? For so many campers, past and present, it is the Great Trail or Milky Way, one of our waterfronts, the Great hall or Mac Hall, or one of the many cabins our campers have grown in year after year. Sustaining and improving Camp for future campers is imperative to Camp’s continued success.

A gift to these funds does more than build new roofs, renovate dining halls, make wash houses more energy efficient, or build program facilities. Enhancing facilities without depending on fees or our operating budget makes Camp accessible and affordable for more children and families, while improving facilities and our environment.

Camp Renovation Fund: the helps us complete projects and keep Camp looking as good as possible.

Sample Projects: replace Great Hall floor, PVC deck & dock replacement, tennis court repairs, & Founder’s Lodge renovation.

Green/Sustainability Fund: allows us to focus on energy efficiency and alternatives, environmentally sound practices, & ecologically appropriate site improvements.

Sample Projects: solar power, erosion control, waster reduction, & water conservation.

Sandy Island Camp Renovation & Sustainability Fund

Help us preserve the spirit of Sandy! Sustaining Sandy Island is vital to future generations. The facilities are in need of repair or renovation in order for you and your families’ continued enjoyment for years to come. Sandy Island is over a century old and some buildings are over 70 years old. We continue to operate at near capacity, which is straining the facilities that support our mission of providing high quality family camping experiences.

A gift to these funds shows your commitment to keeping Sandy Island a place for families to bond with nature and each other for another century. These funds do more than put new roofs on cabins, make Sandy Island more energy efficient, or help protect our trails and pathways. They help us enhance facilities while keeping camp accessible and affordable for all.

Camp Renovation Fund: this help us keep Sandy Island in good repair and make needed renovations

Sample Projects: roof replacement, dock repair, and lodging replacement

Green/Sustainability Fund: allows us to focus on energy efficiency & alternatives, environmentally friendly practices, & ecologically appropriate site improvements

Sample Projects: waste reduction, water conservation, energy alternatives & conservation, & erosion/drainage control

Planned Giving

What an incredibly powerful statement! As we start planning for the sustained future of Camping Services we know that rising costs will be one of the key issues that face all our camps. The support of our endowment will ensure the continued development of our programs, upkeep of our properties, and quality of our equipment…FOREVER!

The Heritage Club

The YMCA established its Heritage Club to honor those friends who, by including the YMCA in their financial and estate planning, have ensured our programs and services will positively impact the lives of future generations to come.

There are many different types of planned gifts, including:

The YMCA receives a gift provided for in a donor’s will. The gift reduces estate tax obligations.

Charitable Gift Annuities
In exchange for an irrevocable gift of cash and/or securities, the YMCA will provide fixed income payments to the donor for up to two lifetimes. The gift will provide an immediate charitable income tax deduction and, in most cases, a portion of the payments will be tax-free.

Deferred Charitable Gift Annuities
Similar to a charitable gift annuity, the donor receives an immediate income tax deduction for the gift. At a later date (usually retirement) the donor begins receiving a fixed income from the YMCA.

Life Insurance Policies
When the YMCA is named as the beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy the donor receives an immediate charitable income tax deduction. The full face value of the policy is removed from the donor’s taxable estate.

Retirement Plans
Individuals at least 70 ½ years of age are able to make tax-free gifts from IRA funds that would be subject to taxes if withdrawn voluntarily or withdrawn under mandatory requirements. Donors may choose to make charitable contributions in any amount up to $100,000 per year.

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts
A donor irrevocably transfers cash and/or securities to a trustee (often the YMCA itself) who pays the donor (or other individual) income for life or for an agreed-upon term.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts
The donor receives a fixed income amount from the gift for the rest of his or her life.

Real Estate
There are several types of real estate gifts. A donor may contribute real estate outright or transfer it in a bargain sale. A donor can use real estate to fund a gift annuity or a net income unitrust, thus converting a non-income producing asset that is presumably highly-appreciated into a life-income arrangement with significant tax benefits. Finally, a donor may make a gift of his or her residence to the YMCA while retaining the right to live in the residence for the rest of his or her life. The donor receives a tax deduction at the time of the gift and when the donor dies the property goes to the YMCA.

Our planned giving staff will be happy to meet with you and your financial advisor to design a plan that is uniquely tailored to meet your philanthropic objectives.


Wish List

Camp is always in need of usable supplies and equipment. We’ve identified a wide variety of needs; please note all donations should be in good repair and working order. We’d love to see a picture of your item prior to taking possession.

Program Supplies:

Aquafin & Sunfish Parts, Blankets/Pillows/Sheets, Arts & Crafts supplies, Waterskis & rope, Windsurfers, Paddle boards, .22 target rifles, Sporting equipment, Coolers & Water Jugs, Archery equipment,

Facility Equipment:

Power tools, Chain saws, Tractor or Back Hoe,  Gator/Golf Cart/etc., Rakes/shovels/snow blower, Paintbrushes & rollers, Wood splitter, 4 wheel drive vehicles, Building supplies.


Washer/Drier, 4 wheel mobility scooter, Cooking/baking equipment, Refrigerator/freezer,  Office supplies, Picnic tables, Beach chairs, Large Rubbermaid storage.

If you have something that may be useful to Camp please call or email camp at 603-569-2725 or overnightcamps@ymcaboston.org .


Volunteers have played an indispensable role in the history of Camping Services. Whether weekenders on Sandy Island, North Woods Old Timers, and Memorial Day workers, volunteers are the heart and soul of our YMCA.

We have many meaningful and enjoyable opportunities in volunteering. Each Camp has specific needs at anytime and is always happy to speak to you about your interests and ideas. We are a great place for students who need to complete services hours. The board of directors seeks individuals with a variety of expertise and interests to serve as board or committee members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Reach Out call nights

Sandy Island work weekends

Memorial Day work weekend

NW/PVC Open House tour guides

Help with any program: summer opportunities, seasonal break camps, alumni committee, and more.

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