Reunion Weekend- North Woods (90th) & Pleasant Valley (50th)

Return to the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee
Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2018

Please RSVP by June 1st, As you know things get pretty hectic around here after this date.  Anything you can do to let us know by June 1st would be much appreciated! 

We hope you and your family will join us and
enjoy your favorite camp activities and traditions!
Get ready for…
Swimming in the lake,
making s’mores by a campfire,
singing songs in the dining hall
& so much more!
We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

*There is a nominal charge for this weekend event to cover expenses, see rates below

Boston YMCA Camp candle light

August 31st – September 2nd

NW 90th and PVC 50th Reunion will be a weekend of fun!  Return to NW & PVC and share your memories of camp traditions.   Laugh and enjoy participating in time honored camp activities.  Help us honor all who have made North Woods and Pleasant Valley what it is today.


Rates Per Person:

Adult: (11 yrs+): $75
Child (3 yrs+): $35
Under 3 yrs old: free
Saturday Only: $25
Family of 4: $220
Deposit Info:
A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your weekend reservation.


Packing for Reunion

Camp has not changed much since you were a camper or a staff member.  Our cabins are still bunk beds with single size mattresses.  Please plan on packing bedding and a pillow as well as warm pajamas in case of a cold night. A suggested packing list is provided below.

If you are interested in renting linens please click and follow the link below.

Family Overnight Camping

Storytelling by the Campfire

Would you like to share some memories of your time at North Woods or Pleasant Valley?  We would love for you to share during one of the two evening campfires.  Click the link below for tips.


Auction Items & Raffle Items

Our camps have made significant impacts on the lives of countless kids and families over the years, and it is our mission to insure that it continues to be around for generations to come. With a donation to the Reunion Weekend Auction, 100% of your donations stays at Camp for scholarships, program and facility improvements.  Please list your auction item in the “your message” section below.

The YMCA of Greater Boston is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization under IRS code. Your gift is deeply appreciated and fully deductible as allowed by law.

All auction items can be brought to check-in at Barstow or mailed to camp prior to the Reunion.  Mailing address: Overnight Camps P.O. Box 10 Mirror Lake, NH 03853


Photo Search

Do you have photos from your time at camp?  Would you like to share them for our slideshow?  Please click on the attached link to upload copies of your camp memories to our google drive photo collection location.

Don’t have the ability to scan and upload a photo?  Want to mail copies to us?  Send all submissions to:

Overnight Camps
P.O. Box 10
Mirror Lake, NH

Great Hall at YMCA Overnight Camp for Boys

Who’s Coming to Reunion?

Ann Adams
Jim Adams
Lance Adams
Brian Ambuel
Bernie Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Tom Anderson
Matt Apuzzo
Diana Arnell
Robert Arnell
Ruth Arnell
Daniel Auch
Julia Auch
Julia Augenstern
Edward Barry
Ella Barry
Elliott Barry
Macie Barry
Lauren Blackington
Cathy Blunt
Jenna Borrelli
Kate Bowie
Suraj Bramhavar
Anna Brown
Russell Brown
Tizzy Brown
Kate Brown
Paul Byam
Katie Carr
Richard Carr
Katie Chambers
Jocelyn Chertoff
Jillian Clancy
Jamie Clark
Myles Cleary
Simon Cleary
Whitney Cleary
Jessie Cochran
Nancy Cushman Burns
Noelle Daigneault
Daniel Daniluk
Melissa Dean
Michel Delisle
Lizz DeSimone
Laura DiNardo
Tom DiNardo
Alex Dockery
Ben Dockery
Colton Doerrer
Stan Doerrer
Wesley Doerrer
Elinor Dorn
Kevin Dorn
Nicole Dorn
Peter Dorn
Lydia Downing
Courtney Doyle
Samantha Driscoll
Catherine Droser
Veronica Droser
John DuMoulin
Benjamin EAGAN
Eli Edson
Sam Edson
Ezra Eichten
Zachary Eichten
Adam Elboim
Donna Evans Orr
Matt Finbury
Judith Fudge
Lawrence Fudge
David Fuente
Eva Gach
Sara Gleason
Adrian Gonzales
Stephen Gordon
Chris Gouchoe
Emily Gray
Aaron Green
Matthew Harmon
Josh Hellenbrand
Keegan Hellweg
Eric Henchey
Beckett Hess
Sebastian Hess
Christi Hess
Anna Hilton
James Hilton
Kirsi Hilton
Andrew Hindson
Paul Hipple
Virginia Hipple
Molly Hodder
Andrea Hodder
Crystal Hodder
Jack Hodder
Jamie Hodder
Jeff Hodder
Mark Hodder
Casey Holt
John Hope
Kathryne Hope
Brigid Howell
Emily Howell
Parker Howell
Sydney Howland
Brittany Howse
Alana Humphreys
Tom Irving
Adam Jacobs
Mikayla Jacobs
Adam Jaroszewski
Daniel Jenkins
Helen Jenkins
Naomi Jenkins
Timothy Jenkins
Bonnie Johnson Barry
Dan Jones
Jett Jones
John Keeler
Holly Kindl
Eric King
Casey Lamb
Andrew Lane
Kyleigh Lane
Rebecca Lane
Samuel Lane
Artie Lang
Kristina Lang
First Name Last Name
Nicholas Lattanzi
Justine LaVoye
Kate Lemay
David Liebowitz
Alex Liptak
Cary Liptak
Jason Lucas
Myles Lynch
AJ Madden
Emma Madden
Daniel Maldonado
Haylee Manning
Elise Manole
Gisele Manole
Rebecca Mazonson
Cody McCall
Keith McCarthy
William McCarthy
Coltrane Mcgonigle
Elijah Mcgonigle
Harriet Mcgonigle
David McHugh
Allison McNamara
Julie McSweeney
Tim McSweeney
Rachel Meyer
Chris Meyers
Brenda Mitchell
Chase Mitchell-Humphreys
Allison Morgan
Patchen Mortimer
Nji Nnamani
Rose O’Neill-Suspitsyna
Kimberly Orr
Rebecca Orr
Terry Orr
Benjamin Otlin
Joshua Otlin
Lillian Otlin
Noah Otlin
Rachel Otlin
Wyatt Owens
Shayna Packer
Chris Potter
Ann Pruszynski
Charlotte Pruszynski
Timothy Pruszynski
John Putnam
Amelia Quern
Kirsten Quern
Lawrence Quern
Madelyn Quern
Maia Raynor
Norman Regg
Nora Renick Rinehart
Mark Reynolds
Meredith Reynolds
Tina Reynolds
Sebastian Rillahan
Chris Rillahan
Adam Robb
Anne-Sophie Robitaille
Abbie Rogers
Annalise Routenberg
Brayden Rubin
Hannah Rubin
Jeffrey Rubin
Lisa Rubin
Taylor Santos
Maggie Schneider
Kevin Serafino
Jesse Shamon
Padraig Shea
Robert Shea
Timothy Shih
Katerina Showalter
Sesn Stanton
John Strahan
Nick Strahan
Annie Straubinger
Meaghan Sullivan
Molly Sullivan
William Suslovic
Denis Suspitsyn
Maksim Suspitsyn
Mila Suspitsyna
Andrew Tamkin
Dan Tarlin
Jeff Tarlin
Marisa Theroux-Jones
Ashley Thomas
Carole Todaro
Diana Todaro Getman
Caroline Tyson
Jacqueline Uhlmann
Stephanie Uhlmann
Emma Utz
Allen Veldwisch
TBA Veldwisch
Tiana Veldwisch
Justine Walters (Daigneault)
Christine Webster
Aria Weene
Ross Weene
Zoila Weene
Diana Westerberg
Lakshmi Westerberg
Allegra Wilson
Becca Wong
Ben Zackin
Sarah Zitoli
Timothy Zoidis

Dress for the occasion

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